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Buzzoka, a reputed influencer marketing company, has dispatched the 4th Edition of Influencer Marketing Outlook of 2021. The yearly survey provides a far-reaching take a gander at the present influencer marketing industry and its effect on consumers confronting brand correspondence and advertising, as seen by brands, offices, and new businesses across India.

Buzzoka is a powerhouse of influencer marketing with celebrities, actors, actresses, sportsmen, and influencer citizens from different fields across the world. The organization’s administrations change across B2C and B2B communities with Facebook Live, Facebook, Linked In, Quora, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Blogging, Periscope, and the universe of Influencer Platforms.

Buzzoka’s survey has been a significant information base for advertisers across the globe needing to investigate the Indian Influencer Marketing industry.

buzzoka marketing survey

Buzzoka’s Survey Key Highlights 2020-2021

  • According to Buzzuka influencer marketing survey, Instagram leads as the first choice of brands in 2020 with 82% of Marketer’ pick. After that YouTube stands at 41% of marketer pick.
  • About 64% of brands spend under $100,000 each year on influencer marketing campaigns. Notwithstanding, 15% of brands went above $1,000,000 each year.
  • 38% of Brand Custodians feel Influencer Marketing is turning out to be more significant as time passes because of well-established reach and engagement.
  • Around 81% of Marketers trust Instagram has been the best influencer platform to be reckoned with promoting platform in 2020 though just 5% grade towards Facebook.
  • As indicated by 72% of marketers, influencer marketing is the quickest development on the web-based securing strategy while 4% still trust Email marketing is better.
  • According to the report, Indian Short Video apps are overpriced which is a test looked at by 45% of Brands.
  • 55% of Marketers have not effectively executed influencer marketing campaigns on any of the accessible DIY Tools though 40% have attempted to however be not Satisfied.

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Future of Influencer Marketing: Forecast for 2021-2022

  • As indicated by the brand overseers, the top four-stage in 2021-2022 for Influencer Marketing will be Instagram (94%), Mx Takatak (52%), YouTube (52%), and Sharechat (49%).
  • 45% of Marketers figure Mx Takatak will be extremely compelling to drive influencer campaigns with targeting in Tier 1 and Tier 2 economies.
  • 53% of Brand Custodians feel Instagram Reels and Youtube Shorts can’t turn into a successful option for TikTok in the coming year.
  • 70% of Brands feel Common individuals play a critical part in influencer marketing with the advertising market in the coming years.
  • According to the forecast, 51% of Marketers feel Influencer marketing is prepared for a DIY Product Revolution.
  • 87% of Brand Custodians feel 2021-2022 will be the year for Influencer Marketing as 2001-2022 was intended for Digital.
Ashutosh Harbola
Ashutosh Harbola (Founder & CEO of Buzzoka)

Ashutosh Harbola, Founder, CEO, Buzzoka said, “The Influencer Marketing Outlook 4th Edition is about troublesome occasions and heading into the fun occasions of influencer marketing. As the world saw an exceptional emergency, that in a real sense broke the neck of advertising spends universally, influencer marketing with showcasing saw comparable declining numbers. Be that as it may, as times progress, we see a V formed recovery in the influencer marketing with advertising scene and are sure the following monetary year will be a productive one for the business.”

“Influencer marketing is a thriving Sector and has quickly become one of the most well-known methods of obtaining new clients in the online business industry. According to the experts by the year 2025, the worldwide influencer marketing sector will be valued at $ 24.1 billion with a 31.45% accumulate yearly development rate,” he also added.

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