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PepsiCo Foods’ snacks brand Kurkure has disclosed the latest ad film highlighting Bollywood actors Akshay Kumar and Samantha Ruth Prabhu. The ad film is a piece of the big campaign, named ‘Ab Laga Masala’. The campaign intends to catch Kurkure as a ‘Chatpata’ whenever snack that adds a component of ‘Masti’ and peculiarity to the regular routines of the consumers.

Kurkure has launched multiple imaginative item configurations and flavor profiles in the homegrown just as worldwide business sectors.

In the ad film, Akshay Kumar plays the role of thief, who breaks into Samantha’s home in the evening and gets occupied when he sees a pack of Kurkure kept in the kitchen cupboard. Similarly, as he is going to open the pack, Samantha and her family find him in the act and grab it from his hands to eat Kurkure themselves.

The film is conceptualized by Wunderman Thompson, a New York-based global creative agency. Priyadarshi Khastgir, Partha Sengupta are the creative directors of the film.

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Failing to remember his primary goal to loot the house and without really any anxiety toward being gotten, Akshay Kumar, who is as of now anxious to chomp on the snack, promptly obliges. Kurkure’s ‘Masaledaar’ flavor sends him into a condition of ecstasy, until reality hits and welcomes him with the sound of police alarms en route to the house.

Talking about the ad film, Neha Prasad, partner chief of brand marketing at Kurkure, PepsiCo India, said, “… The brand can depict unusually, yet appealing present-day Indian family situations through its eccentric, over-the-top narrating that changes any exhausting second with loved ones into an entertaining one.”

She also added, “Through this film, we need to increase the brand love and commend the notable kind of India’s most loved ‘Masaledaar’ snack. We are sure that our most recent blockbuster mix of Akshay’s extravagant energy and Kurkure’s ‘Masti’ will be a capricious and convincing experience for the fans.”

Ritu Nakra, senior VP, Wunderman Thompson, added, “Day to day existence can be a particularly normal and exhausting when there is no ‘Masaledaar’ snack… in any case, with Kurkure Masala Munch, the ‘Masala’ hit in every collet releases all-out show in each circumstance. Observe how the spicey tart and ‘Chatpata’ flavors ka hit make Akshay an awesome chor in the new ad campaign for the brand.”

Kurkure has been effective on the grounds that it offered options that spoke to the Indian consumers’ inclination for spicy snacks in an imaginative form. The packaging also was seen as great. However the classification is serious, it offers the advantage of simple trial and experimentation.

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