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5 Best SAP FICO Training Institutes in India (2023 List)

sap fico training institutes

SAP FICO is one of the significant SAP ERP programs, which is generally utilized for finance handling services on the lookout. In this way, there are immense career open doors for people having abilities in the SAP FICO programs. But learning it from professionals is the need of every student. So in this article, we are going explore the Best SAP FICO training institutes in India where you can learn the program easily.

What is SAP FICO?

But before jumping into the topic we would love to tell what SAP Fico is. SAP FICO is the finance and cost-controlling program in SAP ERP, where FI represents Monetary Bookkeeping, and CO represents Controlling. SAP FICO module is exceptionally vigorous and covers practically all business processes experienced in different enterprises. It is one of the vital and broadly carried out modules in SAP. This free SAP FICO preparation is intended for novices as well with respect to learning students.

The skill programs in SAP FICO courses are presented through both Online mediums and offline mediums. They can be of any time length going from a few hours to a couple of months but mainly it varies around 2 months.

Best SAP FICO Training Institutes in India

Here in this list, we have collected the top and 5 top SAP FICO Training Institutes in India. Let’s check it out.

1. ICA Edu Skills Pvt Ltd.

sap fico training institutes

ICA Edu Skills Pvt Ltd started its operations in 1999 with a dream to prepare work-centered youth in India and make them employable at reasonable fees. As the business demands a ‘Skilled workforce’, they also, extended their vision to give skillful preparation to students as well as help them with jobs at top organizations and MNCs.

Today ICA is perceived as the best SAP Fico training institutes in India to have molded a large number of SAP ERP courses and changed people’s viewpoints about SAP, finance, and accountancy.

ICA invests wholeheartedly in adding to India’s skill development drives – as a free set-up as well as a preparation accomplice for different instructive brands and government projects. The best part is ICA Edu Skills is truly reasonable for everybody. The best part is ICA Edu Skills is very affordable for everyone.

Duration: 2 Months/80 hours

Estimated Fees: INR 20,000

2. Henry Harvin Training Institute

Henry Harvin is positioned among the top 2 courses by India Today. It is a government-recognized organization for SAP courses prepared online.

This institute offers the top-tier SAP FICO Training Institutes course to its understudies. Every one of the fragments in the FI and CO module is canvassed broadly in the course educational program. The preparation is exceptionally intuitive and the entry-level position is profoundly useful. All things considered a skillful course from Henry Harvin.

The Institute also promises to give help and direction so the 100 percent job is ensured by the foundation. The best part is Henry Harvin is entirely reasonable for everybody.

Duration: 1 Month/44 hours

Estimated Fees: INR 35,000

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3. UN IT ERP Academy

sap fico training institutes

UN IT ERP Academy began its excursion in August 2015 with just 4 SAP experts who, other than being IT symbols, were committed educators – thoughtful to understudies’ requirements and devoted to Learning, exploration, and improvement. They got recognition for SAP Fico modules just poured in. SAP courses are the most seasoned and the best in India to date. Their flexible SAP programs are an extraordinary method for promoting your skills, progress in your calling, or learning for individual improvement.

Obviously, with their job placement assistance, which is an indispensable piece of every one of their courses, their applicants find it simple to break interviews. There are many enrolments on their SAP FICO Training Institutes consistently, and understudies who select generally leave fulfilled.

Duration: 6 Months 

Estimated Fees: INR 45,000

4. Atos SAP Training Institute of India

atos sap training

Atos India has been focused on giving quality training and information to the SAP environment for more than 20 years. They perceive that various clients have different skills and necessities, so they give various courses to various learners.

Atos India gives the best stage to satisfy the needs of the continually developing SAP market. SAP items are involved by north of 1.2 crores individuals in excess of more than 100 countries.

There are two methods for getting SAP certification from Atom India. One by going through the full 5-week preparation at any of the Approved Training Accomplices of SAP. Ought to have somewhere around 2 executions experience, where the Organization validates and supports the applicant. The Organization, that is supporting the up-and-comer, should be a SAP partner.

Duration: 3 Months 

Estimated Fees: INR 40,000

5. Pragna Technologies

Pragna Innovations stands firm on an unmistakable footing in our best SAP FICO Training Institutes list. This establishment gives the course preparation as well as prepares the student to confront true difficulties. The learned educators in the organization groom the understudies mentally and actually.

The SAP FICO instructional class at Pragna Advancements has been intended to allow the students to acquire information about the entire module. Understanding this SAP module top to bottom I what this instructional class offers the students alongside absolute position support.

As told already, the understudies get to pick the method of preparing from the live and offline classes.

Duration: 3 Months/100 hours

Estimated Fees: INR 25,000


These training institutes have acquired these ranks for their obligation to partake in making fineness. The SAP freshers who completed courses from these establishments become skilled workforce in no time. Be that as it may, one should pick the perfect institutes at the ideal opportunity to get the most value. As per my examination, ICA Edu Skills Pvt Ltd. is your smartest and most ideal decision among the 5 best SAP FICO training institutes in India.



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