8 Biggest Marketing Fails Of All Time | Marketing Blunders

Marketing fails may make a company fall, be harmed destroyed, or lead to end embarrassment. So in this article, we have assembled the list of the 7 biggest marketing fails of all time. Let's check it out...


4. Calvin Klein

Often an advertising and marketing failure doesn’t precisely correspond with a financial failure. Calvin Klein showed this two times via his unofficially titled “sex markets” project. The first occurrence was in 1995 when Klein placed teen young boys and ladies in base leisure areas and photographed them in suggestive postures using nothing. Parents, as well as moms and dads teams, hated it, yet children enjoyed it.

Calvin Klein sexist ad

Calvin Klein went back to the well in 1999 with an even more youthful team. Seriously, some of these kids really did not also appear like they were in grade school. Somehow the fashion magnate assumed it would certainly be a great idea to stick them in undergarments as well as use the attractive black and white lens of his typical ads. Individuals disliked it, and also the ads were pulled in 24-hour.

5. Dove

Dove, an American personal care brand owned by Unilever always loves to be in controversy because of their marketing campaigns. In 2017, Dove posted a Facebook video ad that showed a black woman turning into a white woman. Racial insensitivity isn’t new to Dove, the received backlash in 2011 and 2012 for other marketing campaigns centered around highlighting lighter skin.

dove racial ad

Dove failed to embrace the beauty in diversity and as a result, they potentially tarnished the “Real Beauty” brand they spent over a decade building.

We don’t know what Dove was thinking when they came up with this idea, but it was poor taste and even poorer judgment.