8 Biggest Marketing Fails Of All Time | Marketing Blunders

Marketing fails may make a company fall, be harmed destroyed, or lead to end embarrassment. So in this article, we have assembled the list of the 7 biggest marketing fails of all time. Let's check it out...


8. KFC

When this happened, Oprah was one of the most popular TV Shows in the United States Of America. KFC saw this as a window of opportunity and decided to launch an unusual offer. It offered Oprah viewers a free coupon for a 2 piece chicken meal that would include 2 individual sides as well as a biscuit.

kfc marketing fail

So, what did the viewers have to do? They had to download the coupon from the Oprah official website. Little did KFC know that 10.5 million coupons would be downloaded, leading to $42 million of free food being given away.

Of course, KFC could not deliver like it had promised, leading to chaos. KFC apologized to Oprah as well as its customers, but shouldn’t you just calculate first before advertising for free food on THE biggest TV show in the US?

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