The worldwide pandemic has kept all of us at home for more than anybody could’ve expected, and with all the excess time inside, it’s not difficult to feel somewhat random. In case you’re searching for a feeling of purpose in the midst of the chaos, consider securely online volunteering from the solace of your home.

Online volunteering allows you to give you virtual chance to a reasonable space that is important, which implies you can have an effect regardless of whether you can’t truly head off to someplace to volunteer.

Chezuba is a company that allows you to offer voluntary services to NGOs from around the world with the goal that you can have a constructive outcome in the existence of individuals across the world, all from the solace of your home. Let’s discuss the Chezuba.

Chezuba Company Profile

chezuba logo

Company Name Chezuba
Legal Name Chezuba Pvt Ltd.
Parent Company Chezuba Pvt Ltd.
Sector Online, Social Entrepreneurship
Headquarter Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
Headquater Region Asia-Pacific (APAC)
Founded Date October 19, 2017
CEO Sukhendra Reddy Rompally
Founders Sukhendra Reddy Rompally, Adela Strakova, Jagan Kothacharla
Total Funding $253.7K
Monthly Visitors 22,149 (SemRush)
Official Website

About Chezuba

Chezuba is a global online volunteering platform to fill the global gap between the skills used and the abilities required through expertise-based global web-based volunteering in promising circumstances. By assisting the NGOs with making online volunteering projects to re-appropriate their assignments to experts, they increment their proficiency. What’s more, by giving online volunteering in promising opportunities from across the globe, they help the skilled labor force in discovering effective ventures with substantial outcomes; projects they can deal with from their home, and build their social impact portfolio. We are thus building a social platform to connect like-minded professionals and to encourage the new generation to use their valuable skills for good causes.

Chezuba Founders

Sukhendra Reddy Rompally, Adela Strakova, and Jagan Kothacharla and are the Founders of Chezuba.

chezuba founders

Sukhendra Reddy Rompally (Co-Founder & CEO)

Sukhendra Reddy Rompally is the Co-founder and CEO of Chezuba. Established AIESEC section in IIT (ISM) Dhanbad. He worked worldwide volunteering for more than 100 students in the college and worked with global assistants from Russia and Germany to volunteer for NGOs in India.

Sukhendra Reddy Rompally
Sukhendra Reddy Rompally (Co-founder and CEO of Chezuba)

Adela Strakova (Co-Founder & CXO)

Adela Strakova is the CXO (Chief Experience Officer) of Chezuba. She worked with global groups in China, Taiwan, and Slovakia. She has graduate degrees in Sinology and Arts Management and 6+ long periods of public help insight in foreign missions. Adela has chipped in Taiwan and India. Following 3 years, Chezuba has acquired various appraisals including Forbes 30 under 30 acknowledgment, yet the one that matters the most is the worth they’re making for a great many of our volunteers and philanthropies. She has confidence in the force of generosity and the most extreme significance of mental prosperity. Aside from further developing cycles and user experience, she loves diving into research on psychology and human behavior.

Adela Strakova
Adela Strakova (Co-Founder of Chezuba)

Jagan Kothacharla (Co-Founder & COO)

Jagan Kothacharla is the COO (Chief Operations Officer) and one of the founding members of Chezuba. He also is an alum of IIT Dhanbad and furthermore accomplished Masters of Chemistry degree and helped to establish AIESEC IIT Dhanbad. He functioned as skillet India BD supervisor and set up the deals and tasks measures for a startup. He is also a functioning volunteer with exercises in 3 countries. He was also associated with Kartavya NGO.

Jagan Kothacharla
Jagan Kothacharla (Co-Founder of Chezuba)

Chezuba Initial Days

After Sukhendra Reddy Rompally’s first volunteering experience in Malaysia, he helped to establish AIESEC (Nonprofit Organization Management Company) at his institute of matriculation Indian Institute Of Technology, Dhanbad with Jagan Kothacharla. Those 3 years at AIESEC opened up promising circumstances for him to volunteer in India, Malaysia, Russia, and Taiwan. Notwithstanding, when he entered the corporate world, he understood that time, area, and opportunity requirements were blocking intrigued people from contributing as volunteers.

Sukhendra’s thought was supported further during a hiking trip in Myanmar where he met a few other youthful experts from various nations, confronting comparative preventions. That was the game-changing moment. After he returned to India, Sukhendra examined the thought with a couple of friends who adored it and held hands either as fellow benefactors or as investors, and the company started.

Clarifying the difficulties in the initial days for the company, Sukhendra says, “The product has been worked without any preparation by childhood friend Murali, who we jumped aboard as our Chief Technical Advisor. A college junior of mine joined then as a designer and we recruited a senior engineer later. We intensely depend on our CTA and different tutors/guides to briefly settle tech, the lasting solution will employ an undeniable in-house tech group, which is our first strategy after shutting our Pre-Series A.”

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Chezuba Revenue Model

Online volunteering is a genuinely new idea that many people know about. Most NGOs are preparing on how this functions and it’s anything but a push to win their trust given most aren’t tech-savvy. On the volunteers’ side, the test has been in guaranteeing that the volunteers treat this appropriately and complete the tasks they take on. The company generally generates revenue from 3 sources.

Chezuba generates revenue from yearly subscription charges which is of US$100 which allows clients to post projects on the web, identified with any expertise.

On the other hand, Chezuba has a crowdfunding accomplice which allows volunteers to fund-raise for the accomplice NGOs through web-based media and subsidiary channels. It also charges a commission of 2% on the target raised. Chezuba likewise connects with corporate customers and finds modified, online volunteering in promising circumstances for the senior administration in those organizations. The organization charges US$50 per representative in such cases.

Chezuba Funding

Chezuba has raised a total of $253.7K in funding over 7 funding rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Jun 3, 2021, from the Angel round.

Funding Date Stage Money Raised
June 3, 2021 Angel Round $50K
July 31, 2020 Angel Round $50K
March 12, 2020 Angel Round $30K
October 15, 2019 Angel Round 2.8 Million
January 31, 2019 Angel Round 3.3M
August 27, 2018 Angel Round $16.2K
January 24, 2018 Pre Seed Round 1.4Million

Commenting on the impressive funding rounds of the company, Sukhendra Reddy Rompally, founder of Chezuba says, “Non-profits need to stay aware of the changing occasions so they don’t get outdated. Hence, NGOs have bounced on the cart by giving the facility of – Volunteering via the internet. Welcome to the new period of volunteer in where you can be a piece of something greater from any place you are.”

Chezuba Growth

Currently, Chezuba has so far collaborated with more than 200 NGOs from around 23 nations and has had in excess of 2,000 volunteers from near 100 countries enlisted on the platform.

According to the Startuptalky, Chezuba is developing each month on client acquisition at 32% and revenue at about 51.5%. Wandering out into corporate deals with greater ticket estimates, the income for Chezuba appears to be much more steady and the organization is peering toward productivity in 3 to 6 months from now.

The vision of the company is to put together the unorganized sector of volunteering. Their short-term objectives incorporate joining hands with 11,000 NGOs and having 800,000+ volunteers in the next 2 years. In the more extended run, Chezuba expects to be a one-stop solution for each NGO on the planet to discover what they need – Raising funds, abilities, or professionals.

Chezuba Competitors

The major competitors of Chezuba are Boardable Board Management, Blackbaud, Catchafire, Morweb, and so on. But there are very

As compare to Chezuba, there’re almost no companies that work exactly on the Chezuba model. Chezuba being a worldwide platform has a more extensive scope than its rivals. By working out of India, Chezuba’s valuing is a benefit for the organization. Chezuba takes into account the requirements of NGOs basically in Asia and Africa, where volunteering is to a great extent a sloppy sector.

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Volunteering is an exceptionally advantageous and compensating approach to utilize your time. Not exclusively would you be able to add to significant causes that could definitely achieve considerable change, yet you can likewise develop as an individual, attain valuable work experience and develop vital skills that can further your profession. By bringing volunteering online, Chezuba is making the job easier to make it accessible to do volunteering from anywhere in the world.

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