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EaseMyTrip has announced the actors Varun Sharma and Vijay Raaz as their brand ambassadors. It’s the first time after the launch that EaseMyTrip has signed any brand ambassadors. Moreover, Varun Sharma and Vijay Raaz are likewise meeting up as a pair interestingly for any brand’s marketing campaign. The entertainers with their big following and solid associate with the audience will supplement the brand’s value of EaseMyTrip.

Both actors are appreciated by the fans for their veritable and practical characters and their capacity to make every single demonstration vital. Varun Sharma and Vijay Raaz are likewise known for their faultless comic timings and the two entertainers have made a specialty in the market premise their remarkable performances.

The affiliation is in a state of harmony with the brand’s image where EaseMyTrip has set up a good foundation for itself and acquired a piece of the pie simply premise execution to date. The brand is known for its steady user experience while being 100% bootstrapped and productive since initiation.

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Talking about the event, Nishant Pitti, CEO, and Co-Founder of EaseMyTrip said, “We are excited to connect with Varun Sharma and Vijay Raaz as the representatives of our brand. Like EaseMyTrip, they are the exemplification of extraordinary exhibitions. They have a remarkable mass allure that cuts across all audiences and locations. EaseMyTrip has reformed internet-based travel by presenting drives, for example, an issue-free reserving experience, zero accommodation expense, and full discount because of medical reasons. This moment is the ideal time for us to leave more individuals alone mindful of such campaign by EaseMyTrip through our brand campaign with Vijay Raaz and Varun Sharma.”

Both the actors are thrilled and eager to be featured with EaseMyTrip as there is a comparative collaboration between them making this organization incredibly exceptional and stand-out.

Varun Sharma

Sharing his excitement on the collaboration, Varun Sharma said, “I’m totally regarded and enchanted to cooperate with one of the fastest developing brands on the planet. They have changed the manner in which we travel and anticipate working intimately with EaseMyTrip to make an excellent brand interface.”

Along with that, Vijay Raaz also added, “My all the best to EaseMyTrip as the brand is notable for its client-centricity and predictable performance. Wish to cooperate and make something remarkable.”

The brand has consistently put stock in utilizing significant and best roads for brand connect and this collaboration is in accordance with a similar brand reasoning. EaseMyTrip has powerful plans to develop its business with a huge number of client-driven campaigns including the zero-comfort fee, full discount on medical grounds, ‘train waitlisted’ component to offer discounted airfares to customers with unsubstantiated train tickets, and some more.

In the year 2021, EaseMyTrip, operated by Easy Trip Planners Ltd. reported more than 300% yearly expansion in its net profit to INR 27.13 crores for the September quarter on the rear of higher offer of flight tickets and hotel bookings during the quarter.

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