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Each and every Indian knows about the e-commerce platform named Flipkart. It is one of the biggest e-commerce websites after Amazon in India. Flipkart is an organization that developed hugely over the long haul, worked its direction to the top, and stood out enough to be noticed by enormous names like Walmart who acquired the company for a huge US$16 Billion. In India, currently, the second-biggest e-commerce platform is Flipkart which has made profits around billions.

Flipkart, which has re-imagined shopping in India, chips away at a B2C (business to consumer model). The company beginning with a direct-to-consumer model selling books and some different items, prior to going to a commercial center model which interfaces merchants and consumers and extending its index. Today, it sells everything from laptops, smartphones, accessories to fashion products to furniture fridges to FMCG merchandise — and indeed, books as well.

Flipkart professes to have lakhs of dealers on board from across India who list their items in more than 100 groups. The normal buyer probably won’t mind who the merchant is and has a relationship with Flipkart, though the vendor who might not have arrived at the client at all would now be able to do as such because of Flipkart’s website. To facilitate this transaction and fulfill the order, Flipkart charges a varying percentage as a commission fee from the seller.

Flipkart Marketing Strategy

Flipkart’s marketing strategy centers around each and every touchpoint their clients are available at. It utilizes most of its spending plan on different digital channels including both paid and natural marketing categories. Additionally, since India has as of late experienced advanced change, the endeavors of Flipkart are paying off.

The company mainly puts strongly in celebrity promotion and forces to be reckoned with promoting. India is insane over Bollywood and Flipkart uses this to bring issues to light about their image and to advertise their platform and products. Bollywood celebrities such as Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor, and Viral Kohli have all been brand ambassador who was dominatingly included in Flipkart’s advertisements and digital advertisement campaigns.

Along with that, Flipkart also uses psychographic and social worries to make methodologies and to satisfy and attract the clients’ requirements. With an adjustment of the example of shopping and an ascent in per capita payments, the customers are settling in buying on the website and are likewise getting comfortable with internet shopping.

Global and nation online business commerce firms are offering contests to one another for getting a decent position. Flipkart has substantiated itself customer well disposed and a dependable E-business brand.

Social Media Marketing

Flipkart is a lot of followers and strongly focus on all social media platforms. As of August 2020, Flipkart has almost 9.6 Million followers on Facebook, 2.5 Million followers on Instagram, 2.6 Million followers on Twitter, and so on.


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With regards to Instagram, Flipkart has multiple handles for various products or categories, similar to appropriate things devoted to Fashion, Technology, Furniture, Groceries, and others. With regards to the company, be it for an item or various products, the key feature point for the customers is feedback and customer reviews. The company has concentrated on that by having different handles which simply center around Customer Story named as FlipkartStories.

Influencers Marketing

At a key level, influencer marketing is a sort of online media advertising that utilizes followers and item makes reference to from forces to be reckoned with people who have a committed socially after and are seen as specialists inside their specialty.

Influencer advertising works in view of the great measure of trust that social influencers have developed with their following. Flipkart uses influencer marketing a lot by collaborating with celebs around Youtube and Instagram.

Celebrity Endorsement

Flipkart is known for its joint efforts. It additionally puts vigorously in celebrity force and big-name marketing. Flipkart continues to work together with different renowned public figures every year. One of the prominent and later joint collaborations being with Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt on “#IndiaKaFashionCapital”.

The medium that aids in the campaign mainly are TV commercials.  distinctive social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

There are many marketing campaigns of Flipkart such as Big billion day, Shopping Ka Naya Address, Munna Bhai and Circuit, Fair-tale, Shop Anytime & Anywhere, and more. But #IndiaKaFashionCapital campaign is one of the most successful marketing campaigns of Flipkart featured Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt together in one frame.

Under this campaign, the organization welcomes design lovers from everywhere the nation to overhaul their style with the most recent trends from Flipkart. Through a significant media blend, using styled fashion quotient and targeted communication towards their consumers, Flipkart Fashion’s brand ambassadors, Ranbir and Alia, educate consumers about always being ahead in their style game by ‘Wearing The Next’.

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Online Advertisement

Flipkart uses various marketing strategies and online advertising is one of them. For advertising, Google Adwords plays a major role it.

Google Adwords

With regards to Search Ads, Google Adwords is the go-to choice. Being an internet business stage, Search Ads on Google assume a critical part in acquiring deals and traffic on the website as well. Nowadays customers simply go on Google and look for any products and in case you’re not in the top outcomes, you’re passing up a great opportunity. Accordingly, Google Ads are an unquestionable requirement.

Flipkart runs advertisements, mainly on search and shop promotions, via cautiously contemplating and focusing on the right arrangement of keywords. For E-Commerce platforms, Google Ads is a medium to drive the consideration towards their foundation by showing up on the list of items of different stages.

With Amazon giving a neck-to-neck rivalry, getting your Google promotion duplicate is pivotal. Flipkart utilizes outsider platforms to run promotions and publicize on various sites, significantly to remarket to those clients who add items to their trucks or just list of things to get. Once a user clicks on any of their google ads, Flipkart re-targets them across social media platforms using the Facebook Pixel via ads.

flipkart advertising strategy


Cuelinks is a content monetization network that promotes products through contextual links. It is one of the majority sources used by Flipkart to generate sales.


It is used by content publishers to attract users to view the different products of the advertisers, or to gain revenues for referral traffic. Taboola offers advertisers more than 1 billion users who have yet to discover your blogs, articles, videos, apps, and more.

The company knows the expertise in managing creatives and campaigns, you can check our Advertisement related article here.

Flipkart’s Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is execution-based advertising by which an individual can procure compensations as commission for promoting the product to someone else or alternately Flipkart’s products. Flipkart delegates the duty of advertising its items to outsiders known as associates and offers a piece of the benefit on the offer of the items.

Members who join the affiliate programs promote the products directly or indirectly via their blog, videos, or other. As a result, the company whenever to get sales through members links, Flipkart gives the margin of profit to the respective member.

Affiliate programs of e-commerce websites like Flipkart, Amazon, eBay are a portion of the genuine approaches to bring in cash web-based during this lockdown. Flipkart offers a standout amongst other member-promoting programs through which individuals are procuring around Rs. 15,000 ($200) to Rs. 2040,000 ($4000) every month depending upon their strategies.

Below we are listing a few product categories and their commission percentages from Flipkart:-

  • Electronic Devices & Accessories at 5%
  • Large Appliances at 4%
  • Books & General Merchandise at 15%
  • Home Décor products at 15%
  • Furniture at 10 to 8%

For more detailed stats, you can check the Flipkart Affiliate Commission page.

Flipkart Revenue

In 2018, Flipkart generated Rs. 30,164 crore (INR) in revenue for the financial year. The organization additionally duplicated its losses 5X arriving at Rs. 46,895 crores. The significant cost which expanded the misfortunes for the year ending March 2018 was finance costs, for the most part under “reasonable worth loss on subordinate monetary instruments”, which expanded almost 10 times to Rs. 40,937 Crore in FY18 from Rs. 4,309 Crore in FY17.

Flipkart has likewise as of late presented private labels like MarQ and SmartBuy, which sell items in different classes. Perhaps the greatest supporter of Flipkart’s yearly revenue is the customer’s footfall and action during its enormous deals with gigantic limits around festival celebrations events like Flipkart’s The Big Billion Day.

As of late, this limiting has gone under the public authority scanner and this could affect the organization’s income in the long haul.

Flipkart Competitors

The top competitors of Flipkart are Amazon, Snapdeal, eBay, Myntra, Paytm, Shopcules, Alibaba, and many more.


The marketing strategy of Flipkart is an exceptionally strong and powerful one, obviously, it additionally doesn’t hurt that brands like Flipkart have abundant resources and can put forth their marketing attempts in spring up. At Flipkart, monthly active customers and users are key metrics and we are performing admirably. With an extremely nice customers database, Flipkart is outstanding amongst other e-commerce sites after Amazon in India and has made some amazing progress. Flipkart uses to change over its thoughts right into it and activity into results that characterize its example of a successful story.

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