A biotech organization that is finding how to stop the aging process has gotten significant financing from previous Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. The report comes from MIT Tech Review and says that Altos Labs is a think-tank that is as of now recruiting researchers with offers of $1 million in yearly pay rates.

According to the MIT Tech Review report, Jeff Bezos was among its investor alongside Russian-Israeli very rich person Yuri Milner. The organization will likewise be adding Nobel Prize-winning researcher Shinya Yamanaka to the warning board. From a point of view, Yamanaka has as of now won a Nobel Prize for research in switching the time of cells.

Different researchers from the world that will join the organization incorporate Juan Carlos Izpisúa Belmonte who has recently dealt with pig and human DNA blends. We actually don’t have the foggiest idea of what Altos Labs is explicitly exploring it actually stays a secret.

Along with that, Altos Labs could be dealing with eternality as biological reinventing is training that means to reconstruct human cells. This is additionally not whenever Bezos first has financed anti-aging research. The previous Amazon CEO supported Unity Technologies in 2018 which was additionally seeing anti-aging treatments.

MIT Tech Review asserts that Altos Labs basically centers around human cell reconstructing where they add proteins to a DNA that basically train them to return to an undifferentiated organism-like state. Researcher Shinya Yamanaka previously showed the strategy in mice around 9 years prior.

“In spite of the fact that there are many obstacles to survive, there is enormous potential,” Yamanaka disclosed to MIT Tech Review in an email. Spanish scientist Manuel Serrano told the MIT examiners: “The point is to get a revival. I would say having income in what’s to come is there, yet it’s not the prompt objective.”

MIT Tech Review also indicated that Altos Labs was shaped following a two-day gathering on anti-aging biotech at the Palo Alto office of Russian investor and tech tycoon Yuri Milner.

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