Lenskart, a leading e-commerce portal for eyewear in India is proceeding with its endeavors to developed eyewear with significant revolutionary advancements. Lenskart.com launches Lenskart Blu in India. Lenskart BLU is lenses that block the destructive blue light that is discharged from smartphones, PCs, tablets, and other advanced gadgets.

Lenskart Blu’s ad campaign, featuring Katrina Kaif, is a particular interpretation of how we are dependent on our technology devices and spend innumerable hours on them. The device screens cause weariness and another eye issue because of the blue light radiated from them. Lenskart brand ambassador Katrina Kaif is seen drenched in her contraptions the entire day while being the casualty to the dangerous blue light. However, the normal lenses unable to stop that light, anti-glare lenses can’t stop this light, only Lenskart Blu lenses stops them and protects our eyes. At the end of the Lenskart ad, Katrina is being seen moving up to Lenskart Blu lenses, so she can keep partaking in her gadgets without stressing over hurting her eyes.

On the launch of the product, Lenskart brand ambassador, Katrina Kaif said “I am charmed to be a part of an awesome significant development. Save our eyes from the violet-blue range that radiates from electronic screens. We are encircled by electronic screens 24×7, there was very little I could do about it. I profoundly respect that Lenskart has discovered a response for shield our eyes from the destructive radiations and would actually prescribe every one of my fans and followers to choose Lanskart Blu Lenses.”

Peyush Bansal
Peyush Bansal (Founder & CEO of Lenskart.com)

Commenting about the latest Lenkart advertisement, Peyush Bansal, Founder, and CEO of Lenskart said “Lenskart was established with a dream to have an effect in the optical business in India and through our predictable endeavors we have had the option to acquire new answers for our shoppers. We are amazingly excited to launch the Blu lenses that shield eyes from the harmful radiations of the violet-blue range. We are certain that with our most recent advancement we will have an effect on the eye-strength of our customers.”

The company has been at the bleeding edge of technology in vision and eyewear and has consistently launched campaigns with a curve and Lenskart performs very well in managing campaigns.

Previously, Lenskart launched a campaign with the ‘Nazar Hati, Durghatna Ghati’ tagline, to come up with a pop culture-inspired meme fuelled campaign. Lenskart’s original methodology in advertising, to keep things nice in each feature of life, in these difficult stretches of Corona. In the TVC, Lenskart features featuring licensed real cricket footage, courtesy of BCCI, to showcase the campaign concept.

Lenskart provides a wide cluster of eyeglasses, shades, in different colors that follow through on execution, style, and development and highlight in their contemporary, engaging advertisement campaigns. It splits from the beaten customary strategies and presents its interesting characteristics in an authentic way through the depiction of genuine conditions with which each individual can undoubtedly connect.

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