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Mumbai Indians launched its brand new anthem – “MI BOL KE, KHELENGE DIL KHOLKE”, a continuation of their broadly appreciated “Khelenge Dil KholKe” song for IPL 2022. The music video catches the state of mind of the Mumbai Indians players and the GenZ, of playing the round of existence with your entire being, to envision the unimaginable and making it a reality, never losing confidence and doing everything they possibly can at all that they do. Failure for them is a moment to learn, pick themselves up and move ahead towards their dream.

The latest song has a youthful, vigorous, cool energy that stretches out to the visuals highlighting the whole playing crew of the Mumbai Indians cricket team, led by Rohit Sharma, Jasprit Bumrah, and Kieron Pollard, Surya Kumar Yadav, Ishan Kishan, youthful debutants and others. The video consolidates hits the dance floor with feeling and commends the embodiment of playing cricket in the city of India.

The film catches the energy for playing cricket, the players, and the crazy thrill ride of feelings that one goes through every day. The most important of it all is to do it with all your heart, every single day.

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The campaign song of praise follows “Welcome, Khelenge Dil KholKe”, where the Mumbai Indians set up hoardings across the city to invite their kindred establishments to Mumbai, and “One Dream”, an advertisement of the commitment of Mumbai Indians to Indian cricket.

Murlidhar, Mumbai Indians Spokesperson, said “Mumbai Indians have generally played with enthusiasm – Straight from the heart, driven by the proverb – never surrender. Likewise, one of our primary points of support is the fans that we have across the globe. The hymn is an impression of the youthful and GenZ fans,  who have continued to support and push us forward, every time we take to the field. Our style of cricket, brand values, and everything that we do resonates with their values, beliefs, and inspires them, which is reflected in the growth of the MI Paltan army over the years.”

Anurag Agnihotri, Managing Partner – Ogilvy: “IPL is cricketainment. It’s cricket with gigantic dosages of entertainment blended in. And keeping in mind that we tended to the satisfaction of dreams of youthful hopeful cricketers in the previous campaigns, we needed to have a great time this time around. The last film was for the yearning cricketers. This one, though, is for the fans. It’s an all-out visual spectacle with a sing-along aspect. It’s a chant for fans to express their love. We owed them something for their love. This is our way of giving them something they can truly own.”

Mumbai Indians are one of the most popular IPL cricket teams. It has over 8.1 million Instagram followers, 13.1 million Facebook fans, and 6.7 million Twitter followers. MI in IPL 2022 with the most allies, having an expected in excess of 27 million adherents across a few person-to-person communication locales.

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