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Outbrain, an advertisement solution for the open web, has announced the worldwide rollout for the latest Native Advertising Header Bidding solution intended to help media partners support their monetization methodology by empowering Outbrain to serve advertisements on any ad space.

Native Header Bidding permits the platform advertising engine to automatically offer into the show and video advertisement units to serve Outbrain Native Ads. This essential move is intended to help Outbrain media accomplices expand earning from customary ad units while setting out more open doors for Outbrain sponsors to show their advertisements and draw in clients with Outbrain Native Ads, the company said.

Eytan Galai

Eytan Galai, Chief Revenue Officer of Outbrain said, “We are resolved to advance and help media partners in the open web store content creation. With Native Header Bidding, we will likely assist our accomplices with increasing income while conveying a superior publicizing experience to customers through Outbrain Native Ads.”

“The native header bidding opens new revenue potential by setting out marketing facilities for Outbrain while expanding yield on the conventional showcase and video advertisement placements.”

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Outbrain enters the Header Bidding space by utilizing its profound reconciliation with media partners which gives remarkable perceivability into context-oriented execution and conducts interest signals, empowering offering effectiveness.

The outcome is a more customized and significant promotion ad experience for the customers and the greatest execution for advertisers.

“Up until now, Outbrain ads were only shown in our recommendation feed but with Native Header Bidding, we now show ads also on display and video ad placements,” said Ayal Steiner, Outbrain VP of Advertising.

He also added, “Up to this point, Outbrain ads were just displayed in our recommendation feed however with Native Header Bidding, we currently show advertisements additionally in plain view and video advertisement units.”

“The normal outcome is that clients will encounter more applicable promotions served through native advertisement experience that are considerably more easy to understand, and Outbrain publicists will profit from all the more advertisement stock which sets out new open doors to connect with possible clients on the internet.”

Outbrain’s Native Header Bidding uses open web header bidding principles with the company staying a functioning part and supporter of prebid.org. Outbrain currently starts a worldwide carry out of Native Header Bidding with vital media partners.

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