If you are a class 12th student, then congrats you are appearing for the board examination in a few months. Remember that their scores will decide what would be your career path. Hence, do not ignore its importance and score as many marks as possible in them. However, along with that, several competitive exams like UPSC, SBI, UPSC NDA, UPSC CDS, and many others are also awaiting after boards. We know that many of you will appear in that as well.

Now, there would be immense pressure on your shoulders as to which exam should I prepare for first?

Boards or competitive exams? Well, you can balance both, and here is how it is possible!

How to Balance Boards and Competitive Exams Preparation?

1. A systematic timetable is a must

The proper schedule is a secret element that most students must stick to. Now, if you take the example for the UPSC CDS exam and board exam, then mathematics and English preparation for both will be somewhat similar only. As the CDS paper also consists of class 11th and class 12th syllabus itself. Then prepare those theoretical concepts which are involved in both exams.

However, the level of question pattern will be different in both examinations. Inboards, you have to describe and explain everything, whereas, in competitive exams like UPSC CDS, you have to choose the correct option after determining the answer to get your CDS Result. Hence, cover those concepts which will be asked in both exams with dedication.

2. The next step is the mock test

Mock test preparation is a must for any competitive and board exams. Sample papers are available on the internet free of cost. Download those PDFs and start your preparation from today itself. Solve as much mock test paper you can solve in a day. If you are well-versed with all concepts then you will score good marks in the mock test.

Or else, the scores whatever you get below your expectation only hints about where you are going wrong. To get a better outcome, it is best you dedicate yourself to weaker concepts. As mock test papers are a blend of objective and descriptive questions, they will boost your confidence level when you appear in an actual examination. If we talk about competitive exams like the UPSC CDS, then the UPSC CDS Answer Key is also available for every Mock Test paper.

3. Correlate the topic

There is always a relation of topics between board exams and competitive exams. Hence, what similar topics will be asked in both, prepare them first. For instance, if there are chances of more probability and grammar questions in both types of examinations. Start your preparation with them.

Once you are done with similar topics, you will not require additional preparation time after boards for competitive exams. Just a small revision will make you achieve your goal successfully. In fact, this method also ensures 100% results in board exams as well. Thus, follow this tip without making any mistakes.

4. Stay calm and stress-free

Always staying in tension will not give you the desired outcome. Always be cool-minded and do not worry about ifs and buts. Just stay confident in what you have prepared and be positive. One exam does not decide your destiny.

However, for boards, you should be dedicated and calm. It is because of stress, sometimes you are prone to lose focus and be unable to memorize concepts. That is why we are suggesting to all of you to remain stress-free. Or else, it will affect your productivity level, which will not give good results.

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