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Startups might be new and little firms but they play a huge part in the financial development and growth of an economy. It creates more jobs which means greater business, and greater work implies a further developed economy. India is becoming the world’s fastest-growing startup ecosystem and the year 2020 has been considered as the time of the greatest rising number of unicorn startups bringing forth around 12 unicorns in a year. But the year 2021 has effectively seen around 10 unicorn startups being brought into the world in India now. So there is no question that 2021 will be set apart as the year for the development of the highest number of unicorn startups in India.

In the month of April of 2021, about six Indian startups had been accounted for to have raised about US$ 1.55 Billion, that is around INR 11,580, in their method of entering the unicorns club. This was likewise viewed as a record throughout the entire existence of financing a long time in the homegrown trendy Internet environment.

In terms of Indian unicorn startups, we have come to understand that the mainstream fields are by and large venture, fintech, and web-based businesses. Let’s take a look at the list of Top Unicorn Startups in Indian of 2021.

Top 10 Unicorn Startups In India

Making a startup takes a great deal of difficult work, responsibility, and persistence all through the startup’s excursion to move up in unicorns. In this article, we examined and presenting a list of Top unicorn startups in India who have emerged so far.


Founder: Deepinder Goyal

Founded Year: 2008

zomato ipo

Zomato is an Indian food delivery startup eatery aggregator. The company fundamentally gives substantial data, menus, and client audits of the restaurants. Alongside this, Zomato additionally has food delivery features from cooperated restaurants and cafés of the urban cities. Zomato was founded by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah in 2008. It also went public by initial public offering (IPO) on July 14, 2021.

Learn more about Zomato IPO: How Zomato Is Redesigning The Future Of Foodtech Startups.


Founder: Byju Raveendran and Divya Gokulnath

Founded Year: 2011

byjus logo

Byju’s is a Bangalore-based ed-tech platform. It is an online tutoring and training company that began in 2011 and runs on a freemium model. Founded by Byju Raveendran, Byju’s is utilized by in excess of 15 million students all around the world and has more than 1 million paid endorsers. Byju’s current valuation has reached US$16 Billion.


Founder: Vijay Shekhar Sharma

Founded Year: 2009

paytm logo

Paytm is one of the greatest unicorn startups in India. Paytm is the largest as well as first digital payment solution provider in India. The fintech startup is well known for its payment gateway administration which assists buyers with making consistent installments to the vendor from their ledgers. The company entered the unicorn club and the valuation was more than $7 billion and it has now expanded to $16 billion in 2020.


Founder: Dr. Dhaval Shah

Founded Year: 2014

pharmeasy logo

PharmEasy has fostered a medical care delivery platform to streamline and modernize the medical services arrangement in India. The company assists patients with remaining associated with different neighborhood drug store stores and outlets. Information and innovation are the driving variables behind vigorous wellbeing and prosperity biological system today. Also, PharmEasy is utilizing the two of them to fortify the medical services in India.


Founder: Kunal Shah

Founded Year: 2018

cred logo
CRED logo | Top unicorn startups in India 2021

Cred is an Indian fintech company, situated in Bangalore, Karnataka, which was established in 2018 by Kunal Shah. Cred’s whole business model revolves around credit cards as its principle include is permitting users to make credit card installments through its application for which they get rewarded or discounted. It is quite possibly the best new company that recently entered India’s unicorn club with a $1 billion valuations.


Founder: Lalit Keshre

Founded Year: 2016

groww logo
Groww logo

Groww is an online investment platform that permits financial backers to put resources into shared assets, stocks, and cryptocurrency. Based in Bangalore, Karnataka, the company has raised more than $140 million as of April 2021, at a valuation of $1 billion. Groww is India’s second wealth management unicorn startup of 2021.

Urban Company

Founder: Abhiraj Singh Bhal, Raghav Chandra, Varun Khaitan

Founded Year: 2014

urban company logo

Urban Company is an Indian gig marketplace that offers home services like installation, maintenance and fixes administrations, and home excellence and health administrations. In 2014, the organization was founded by Abhiraj Singh Bhal, Varun Khaitan, and Raghav Chandra. In March 2020, Urban Company was overhauling 22 cities inside and outside India, had a business of 30,000 professionals, and was performing 1 million service tasks consistently.


Founder: Ankush Sachdeva, Farid Ahsan, Bhanu Singh

Founded Year: 2015

sharechat logo
Sharechat logo | Top unicorn startups in India 2021

ShareChat is an Indian social media and social networking service, created by Bangalore-based Mohalla Tech Pvt Ltd. Sharechat was established by Ankush Sachdeva, Bhanu Pratap Singh, and Farid Ahsan, and consolidated on 8 January 2015. It has more than 200 million month-to-month active users across 15 Indic dialects.

In the wake of the ban on TikTok by the Indian government in June 2020, ShareChat dispatched the comparative Moj application and developed considerably. By April 2021 ShareChat had raised around $500 million from financial backers and was valued at more than $2 billion. It is also one of the successful unicorn startups that have emerged in the year 2021.


Founders: Souvik Sengupta, Aaditya Sharda

Founded Year: 2016 logo

Infra.Market is an online procurement marketplace that offers construction materials and real estate items for building projects. With spearheading innovation development and the capacity to join together private name brands, Infra.Market is positioned for solid development, profitable financing, and productivity.

Founded by Souvik Sengupta and Aaditya Sharda in 2016, the organization takes into account both institutional clients (B2B) and retail outlets (D2R) in the real estate and building construction materials field.


Founder: Rahul Garg

Founded Year: 2015

moglix logo

Moglix, a B2B e-commerce startup desires to digitally change the chain of assembling regions in India. The company needs to digitize and genuinely change each segment of the delivery chain, and B2B business is chaotic and expands alternatives to truly change the award chain through innovation.

Founded by Rahul Garg, Moglix nowadays serves the manufacturing field, institutional customers (B2B), and private customers (B2C). The automotive sector, metals and mining, and FMCDs are the best three areas they take into account.

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The year 2021 has been a blockbuster for the startup business in India with over 16 startups joining the unicorn club in only a half year. CRED, Zeta, Moglix, and Urban Company are among the new ones to get the association together with pro players like Byjus, Paytm, Zomato, Ola, and others. The club is hoping to grow to 150 unicorns over the course of the following three years with India’s richest (High Net Individuals) liable to put as much as $30 billion in technology businesses by 2025.

Along with the list, we have around 11 unicorns having a place in the e-commerce business sector, which are Paytm Mall, FirstCry, Udaan, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Infra Market, and others too. When discussing the fintech category, we again have around 11 new businesses which incorporate Zerodha, Pine Labs, PhonePe, Paytm, Razorpay, and so forth.

Hope for the best for the startup’s future!

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