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Vizag, Known for its beaches and ports, is slowly becoming one of the most developed centers in India by origin. Yourstory listed some of the largest industrial center companies in Andhra Pradesh. Vizag, in what could give a boost to the startup ecosystem in the city, such as there are several big companies that evince interest to collaborate with technology innovations made by the young talent through their ventures.

The Fintech Valley acceleration program has been launched by ICICI Bank and Mahindra Finance and technology backup is provided by Microsoft. Eight companies have started operations at Fintech Tower, Rushikonda. The progress and partnership have an optimistic and positive view of the govt. is enthusiastic about opening such ventures at Rushikonda, where the Madhurawada IT Special Economic Zone, Sunrise Incubation Hub, and Millennium Tower are located.

The Startup Story Of Vizag

Acting as a testament to the growth and vigor of Vizag’s startup ecosystem are its startups, which have left their mark on the market and attracted the attention of buyers. Such Names as Dronamaps were incubated at NASSCOM 10Kare one of Vizag’s most popular startups. Through NASSCOM, products will be on display at the NASSCOM Product Conclave, the NILF World Congress, and the NASSCOM Innotrek Program in Silicon Valley. Dronamaps has also one of the pitch participants in the BIGShift 2017 at Vizag.

Another well-known name in the city is Fluentgrid, a software products company.  In February 2019, ET Now won two awards for the Indian Model Development Initiative (MODI) 2019. Two of its apps have won awards in consumer mobile applications and mobile innovations. In addition, Fluentgrid CEO and CEO Murali Krishna Janamani were honored by the Great Manager Institute and Forbes India as one of the top 100 Great People Managers in India.

Now here we are going to describe the list of 20 Startups in Vizag (Visakhapatnam), where you will be able to get more details regarding the company Startup story.

Top Startup in Vizag


Founder: Sankar Rao Vysyaraju


Yeskart is a housing market in Visakhapatnam. Launched in 2016 by Sankar Rao Vysyaraju and Vysyaraju Sreenivasrao, the company is launching an online shopping comparison tool. Hyper Home Market SCART in India. Laptops, laptops, electronics, toys, watches, shoes, books, and; More stores than local stores. He is now a member of the Yeskart 1 Group, the founder and CEO of Sankar Ra Vysyaraj.

Eckart Private Limited today announced the opening of its long-awaited online store ( Yes, It offers packaging and packaging and packaging services, which allows potential buyers to search for various orders online and then purchase the product from the nearest stores.


Founder: Raghuram Kuchibhatla


Yes!poho allows the startup, and technicians to communicate directly with buyers via the internet to sell handcrafted handicrafts without directors. So far, the basic association has registered about 40 villages in the villages of Viravaram and Ramachandrapuram in Andhra Pradesh, Kulakapalaiam in Tamil Nadu, Badkulla in West Bengal, Champa Nagar in Bihar, and Buhambali in Telangana.

Interview Buddy

Founder: Ujwal Surampalli

Interview Buddy

Interview Buddy Provides people with effective interview options for students and job seekers. They can communicate and conduct training with experts on the field at any time, preparing and training interviews by simulating real-world workplace questions in a stress-free and stressful environment.

After the video interview, the specialist will comment on the candidate’s activities. At the end of the meeting, the candidate will be sent a summary of the results of the questionnaire and its implementation conditions (body language, interview, etc.) and a link to the meeting records. The candidate can collect a list of questions that you are interested in at any time with our set of preparation and preparation tips.

Unless students understand the importance of achieving their dreams, the word “lying” is misused and taken for granted. Interview Buddy makes it easy to process informal conversations and find reliable sources of ethics. Interviewer Buddy is currently a member of Group 1, led by Ujval Surampalli.

Saif Automation

Founder: Aliasgar Calcuttawala


The company was founded in 2018 by Aliasgar Kalkuttavala and his father Ahmed S. Abdali and his brother Taher Ahmed. It currently has offices in Visakhapatnam and Calcutta.

Millionth Mile

Founder: Akhil Jonnavithula

Millionth Mile
Startups in Vizag

The Millionth mile is one of the Digital Marketing agencies which designs products, booklets, billboards, and mobile phone Creatives and carries out social media operations. Then you do market research and create data to create the products you need. Founded by Akhil Jonnavithula

Farooq Chisti and Prim Say, Vizag’s millionth mile is a professional consulting firm that helps companies build their reputation online and offline. The startup sells digital, branding, UI / UX design, and TTL (direct) marketing. They claim that their site is Approved by Small SEO tools in terms of ONpage Seo optimization. This Website Also Helps You to Make Your Branding. They also claim that they have a very huge customer base in which some of the famous companies are Amaticode, IFS consultant, etc.

Symbiosys Technologies

Founder: Shri Naresh Kumar

symbiosys technologies
Symbiosys Technologies

Symbiosys Technologies is a Global IT Company located in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, India. Which works on the model of Finetech. Where they Research engineering services, IT project management (ITES), metal design, BIM model, 3D laser scanning, cloud model, software development. Digital conversion solutions, clear web design in the USA, UK and other countries

According to Semrush, Symbiosys Technologies has 4,162,369 sites worldwide, having 958 website visitors per month. situation

Symbiosys Technologies is one of Visaxapatnam’s leading IT companies providing services to customers in a variety of industries, including financial services, retail, distribution, manufacturing, healthcare, public sector, telecommunications companies, equipment, and travel.


Founder: Varun Satyam



Advoge is the first digital solution for money makers. Advoge works as an assistant and collector for marketing, recruitment, and advertising campaigns and generates huge amounts of revenue on its products. The company hopes to expand to become nationwide in addition to Visa.


Founder: Uday Bhaskhar P

GOEFCO electronic commerce is the basis of providing a complete list of hardware. This gives users the best options for a free and challenging home. Its purpose is to be the “A-Z courtyard” of the building. GOEFCO is India’s leading construction market.


Founder: Aalpesh Kachhadiya


Imaginnovate is an expert in digital content for mobile products for iOS, Android, HTML5, and ROR applications. But BuiltWith also says Imaginnovate is taking advantage of 27 technology advantages for its Tech Solutions website. Includes Meta Viewport, iPhone / Mobile, and SSL usage. Imaginnovate is based on delivering high-quality and perfect pixel products. Imaginnovate provides high-quality work at a low cost.


Founder: Ramesh S

Absolin was founded in 2014 and currently has more than 50 employees. At Visakhapatnam, the software provider has the skills and experience needed to facilitate complex business solutions.


Founder: Prasanth Kumar Owk

Prasanth Kumar Oak is the CEO and founder of Lucidchain. Lucidchain’s DigiC platform helps you make sensible deals in private barracks. They are very similar and combine unique similarities.


Founder: Volker Oppmann


Berlin-based Mojoreads is creating product availability for the website. You are building a huge library of math books. Mojoreads is also creating a new e-commerce platform that will allow users to invest in content. Mojoreads, anyone can be an editor, a writer, an editor, or a reader.

Brilliance Tech Sols (P) Ltd.

Founder: Pradeep Narava

Brilliance Spirit Technology. (P) Ltd. 2012. It directs people to the latest technologies and tools needed to grow a business.


Founder: Shiva Karan, Bhaskar Boni, Yashwanth CH


AcroMarc is a link between personal sharing and online shopping that focuses on individuals and small discussion groups. Analyze multiple amounts of data and make complexity at least minimal, and easily classify a person according to his or her body shape, appearance, interests, and performance needs.

Kalpah Innovations

Founder: Mahesh Lotake

Kalpah Innovations Private Limited is a privately held company founded on March 31, 2015, officially certified as a non-governmental company registered in the City of Hyderabad Register of Companies. His pension is Rs. 100,000 of his basic salary is Rs. 100000. Managers of Kalpah Innovations Private Limited – Malla Udaya Bhaskar and Boddeti Madhuri Satya.

My Vedhika

Founder: Maithri Srikant Anand

my vedhika
My Vedhika

My Vedhika is a program, a great mosaic solution for the great reception you dream of. Quick search system for everything related to organizing and managing events such as halls, restaurants, decoration, event organizing, sound and lighting, and more.

The best-selling stores and markets allow users to customize their preferences for a variety of budget-based events.


Founder: Rachel Lo

The strategy is to use and earn money to get the best deals, businesses, and goods in the city. Customers can place their orders via Struck. The company can place your order on an e-commerce website and place an order. The city has tried to work with distribution professionals, customers, artists, designers, and many more.


Founder: Dr. Kati Suominen

The next founder Gopi Boluso is familiar with the market system of global markets for investment managers, wealthy individuals, and entrepreneurs. NextTrade allows customers to decide when to buy and sell products.


Founder: Ravi Raja, Renuka Rathode

Adnest is an online store that allows online stores to advertise online. This is done through a number of customer networks that Adnest has built over time. Adnest also provides leather for customers who want to touch and feel the product before purchase.

Wellness Hub

Founder: Akash Sinha

wellness hub
Wellness Hub

Akash Sinha is the director of the wellness center he founded in 2012. The Wellness Center aims to help people maintain optimal health through proper nutrition, exercise, sleep management, pain management, and more. Eliminate the gap between doctors and consumers.

The Visakhapatnam startup requires that the negotiation process be as smooth as possible for its customers.

Wise startup idea for the Vizag

Which kind of startup can be good according to the situation of Vizag? That is a common question that can come into anybody’s mind. Here we will tell you the wise startup idea for the Vizag.

Health Care

The American Association of South Asian Neurosurgeons in the United States (ASEAN) and King George’s Hospital in Vizage have signed a memorandum of understanding with GreenLine Laboratories to develop IoT solutions for physicians to treat severely injured patients. This is a common example of urban technological innovation and the cost of building education that benefits the internet and health.

Another successful brand is MandemIT, a marketing company that provides IT service solutions to major companies such as VTSRN Systems, Bravo Solar Systems, and ideas.

Dr. Anand Govindalori, Founder and CEO of Govin Capital, is the co-founder of Startup Accelerator India (SAI), a PPP (public and private partnership) initiative in collaboration with the Information, Power, and Communication Technology Department.

“Here, the start-up added to our speed has successfully acquired licenses for products that offer an invisible value for the start-up system. The success of the startup depends on their ability to create jobs and their impact on the community.”

Eyeing global market

Recently, SAA Skyline University, Sharjah, and NTU signed agreements with Singapore to help expand the start-up of foreign markets. SAI encourages young people to present their ideas, employ new skills, provide counseling assistance and help validate globalization ideas.

Areas of operation

SAI, the maker of the Sunrise Incubation Tower gaming consoles and equipment, focuses on digital health, internet products, media, and fintech. With the support of the state government, it began its operations in January 2017.

“Thanks to a large number of talents and business entrepreneurship awareness in technology, Andhra Pradesh is attracting a number of large companies to work within the beginning. New to the region,” the doctor said. Govindalore added.


The Vizag or Visakhapatnam is headed under the name “Indian Business Center”. If you know a beginner or another Visa trader, let us know the stories. We want to add to this list in this article, we told you about a few startups and we give you some ideas of startups also, those ideas of startups are based on the situation and the condition of the Vizag.

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