Business ideas are one of the most important things behind the success of any startup. As we continue towards doing combating the lethal coronavirus infection with cross country lockdown, but the new business visionaries are testing to help humanity in thousands of different ways. While a few Startups went downhill with the conclusion of significant assistance/item advertisements and the economic crash, many experts believe a huge spike in the same segment post lockdown.

If we talk about ed-tech startups like Udemy, Vedantu, Unacademy, Coursera to web-based media platforms, for example, YouTube, Instagram, Dailymotion saw a huge spike in their growth. Along with that a large number of people around India coming online for gaining knowledge as well as business tips and tricks.

In the fastest-growing economy like India, there are many business entrepreneurs and Youtube channels who make videos to share their knowledge and experience with their audience. So to help all business people and enthusiastic makers we have listed well-known Youtube Channels for Startups Ideas in India that will give important feed to wise minds.

Top Youtube Channel For Startup Ideas & Entrepreneurs

Here’s the list of 7 top and most popular Youtube channels for startup ideas, business training, success stories, and entrepreneurship in India:-

Dr. Vivek Bindra

Subscribers: 16.5 Million

Dr. Vivek Bindra is an inspirational speaker and a famous business mentor. A monk turned-business person, who went through 4 years in Vrindavan, India in the wake of finishing his MBA. Dr. Bindra is a confided in counselor to more than 2,000 corporates, and reliably inspires millions of people with his sought after content on business methodologies, startup ideas, leadership improvement, and business management.

Indeed, he is a 3 time Guinness World Records holder for the largest online business lesson went to by 18,693 extraordinary members for 30 minutes.

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Entrepreneur India TV

Subscribers: 810K

The YouTube channel is the official Youtube channel of Entrepreneur India magazine. Their content is not just fascinating but also covers a wide scope of points on business and startups. They also provide master advice and development advice or most recent news and patterns from the universe of business. Entrepreneur India is your go-to arrange to stay aware of the steadily changing standards of business ventures.


Subscribers: 331K

StartupGyaan aka Arnab Nayak is one of the most preferable Youtube channels for startups. They create content in Hindi and provides all information about Startups, Businesses, Entrepreneurship, and Motivation. To learn about the success stories and struggles stories behind entrepreneurs and startups. Their slogan is “LEARN, FEEL inspired, GET motivated and TAKE action. After all, there is NO overnight success.”

Intellectual Indies

Subscribers: 930K

The Intellectual Indies runs by Sahil Khanna, an Engineer turned Digital Marketer. The channel is helping more than a million entrepreneurs across the globe with their youtube channel, Intellectual Indies that is ranked one of the top digital marketing channels in India.

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TEDx Talks

Subscribers: 31.3 Million

TED curtailed as (Technology, Entertainment, Design) established in 1984 is a media association that posts videos including startup ideas, success stories with that they also post logical, social, and scholastics subjects online. It is providing free online talks on its site and 2 youtube channels in particular TEDx and TEDx Talks. This businesspeople group arranges occasions all over; celebrating the locally-driven ideas and producing them in front of the whole world. TEDx events can be organized by anyone who has a free license from TED.

In addition, this youtube channel is a fortune for the field of angles including business ventures, business models, and more.

Pushkar Raj Thakur: Business Coach

Subscribers: 2.14 Million

Pushkar Raj Thakur is one of the most Influential Motivational speakers and Business Development coaches in India. Rousing a great many individuals and assisting them With building their Dreams, he is viewed as the Youth Icon and the Change Expert in India. He has been highlighted in a few publications like The Telegraph, The Times of India, Hindustan Times, and so forth.

He gives content on Digital Marketing, Online Business Development, Startups, Entrepreneurship, Success Mindset, Influencing People, Network Marketing, Leadership, Sales, Performance Acceleration, Wealth Creation, and Life Mastery.

Think School

Subscribers: 216K

Think School is one of the most underrated youtube channels that provides business coaching, case studies, startup ideas, success stories, and more. Furthermore, every piece of work they do is to satisfy this reason by showing you the most important abilities of the 21st century that schools and universities won’t ever educate. Think School also offers premium online courses for communication, resumes, Linkedin masterclasses.

The Indian education framework is wrecked and especially during the pandemic it becomes totally unstable and everybody knows about it. But very few people are effectively trying to fix it. Think school is training fire up and they need to place an imprint in the Indian education framework by giving elite instruction at lesser than the cost of a Denim Jeans.


Nowadays Youtube videos are the best medium for getting knowledge free of cost. There are many Youtube channels that are doing good in the market, we will list them here one by one. The very common things on these YouTube videos are that; they engage, they stun, they motivate and they educate. In this way, So, a good starting point is to take a look at all the videos in your industry that are getting the best results – they will most likely be instructive, given you’re a business and work on doing likewise, however better.

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